Parlour & Kitchen

The nice parlour in the Chalet Rasten in Gallzein

A rustic wooden ceiling over bright, friendly walls and an even more rustic floor are the outer frame of our parlour in the holiday home Chalet Rasten. Inside there is a tiled stove with a circumferential bench, a sofa for a midday nap and a huge wooden table for cozy rounds. This is a real Tyrolean farmhouse parlour in a holiday home.

A functional kitchen with lots of charm

The kitchen also has an old, perfectly renovated wooden floor and a dining table for large rounds. The wooden stove for heating and cooking provides a cozy atmosphere. Dishwasher, electric cooker with four plates, a generous sink with two basins, toaster, microwave, double coffee machine, water heater and completely equipped kitchen utensils also with large pots for large groups are the functional part of the kitchen in the Chalet Rasten.

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